(APAC) CMD42 Lock: Bypassing Embedded System Security for Forensic Data Acquisition
Date & Time
Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Session Description

Security of digital data is of paramount importance to individual security and national security. The ability to access protected or deleted data from embedded systems memory puts the security of sensitive data at risk. This talk will demonstrate the bleeding-edge of what is possible in overcoming embedded hardware security in the most common forms of NAND flash storage.

 A case study will be presented on a mobile digital device that we commonly use to store sensitive data relating to our daily lives that isn’t a Smart Phone!

The presentation will include elements of:

- Embedded Memory Types & Hardware Security
- NAND Memory Interface and Internal Structure
- Physical Image Extraction
- Data Reconstruction Obstacles and Challenges
- Reverse Operations
- Logical Image Reconstruction Process
- Uncommon Filesystem Analysis
- SQL Scraping
- Data Stored on Modern Vehicles (inc. Recovered Protected Data)


Gareth Davies - South Wales University/F3